About us

The “Al-Falah Youth Foundation” was founded in 2014 by social worker Zahir Mahmood, who belongs to a poor family of Isa Khel, a backward Tehsil of Punjab(Pakistan). Being from a poor family, Zahir Mahmood faced many difficulties in getting an education and meeting the needs of his family. After Completing his Education he started his efforts for Nobel cause of helping Mankind. The main purpose of the Al-Falah Youth Foundation was to help out widows, orphans and the elderly peoples to meet the basic needs of their life. At this time, the Al-Falah Youth Foundation issued “Taa-wun cards” to the families of widows, orphans and the elderly peoples , This card holder family can get monthly ration, free treatment and free education for their children. Poor students are being issued a “student card” by Alfalah Youth Foundation to cover their educational expenses. Their All educational Expenses are being paid by Alfalah.
“Thalassemia card” is being issued to the Children’s effected by Thalassemia. We Bear All Kinds of Blood Transfusion and treatment expenses of These patients.
Al-Falah House has been established by Al-Falah Youth Foundation. Poor people can take used, new clothes and shoes from Al-Falah House as per their need.
Achieving of above goals is possible only with the help of the youth and Donors. Therefore, the biggest goal of Al-Falah is to awaken the spirit of service to the youth. So that the youth help the helpless people around them. It is not necessary to help with money. Help is also possible by doing an act of kindness. This can be done by helping a blind person cross the road, taking a patient to the hospital, doing housework for an elderly person or speaking to someone in a Polite manners.
All of the work is totally supported by donations that common people from across the world offer in the various forms including cash, food, clothing, shelter, medicines, sponsorship, adoption, advocacy, education and volunteering.

We accept all types of charity including Zakat, Sadaqah, Fitrana, Kafarah, Lillah, General Charity, and we make sure to utilize these charities in the relevant sectors according to Islamic Shariah.


The provision of support to the shelter less , food to the hungry, dress to the needy, medicines to the suffering, education to uneducated destitute of the world around without any discrimination by making our youth passionate humanitarian is the motto of ours.

Alfalah Management

Zahir Mehmood
Hafiz Arshad
Vice President
M Iqbal Khan
Web Developer & Manager
Asghar Khan
General secretary